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נחזיר את השכינה למקומה בצייון ובתבל כלה

"Let us restore the Divine In-Dwelling to Her Place in Zion & infuse Her spirit throughout the whole inhabited world."

So wherever we are, let us bring the Peace of G@d's Presence.

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SCRIBAL EVANGELIST As the only living certified Soferet (סופרת - female Jewish ritual scribe) & the first woman to practice sofrut (creation of sacred Hebrew texts) in over 200 years, I feel an obligation to blog about my experiences of The Work. I am also currently researching the foundation of a lost tradtion of women practicing this holy craft. For more on the services I provide, please see; Sofrut Nation. I am now available to engage with students, male or female, wishing to enter into the preliminary stage of learning sofrut. You are welcome to join me on this path. "Tzedeq, tzedeq tir'dof - Justice, justice you shall pursue." Devarim/Deuteronomy 16:20.

Monday, June 26, 2006


30 Sivan/Rosh Chodesh Tamuz

Mum's healing is coming along, B"H. Internet is online, but my Mail software not so much. I thank all my clients, potential clients, & loved ones for your patience...
Segulah for protection, parnasa, clarity, direction, peace & a calm spirit. if only I could come up with one for a sick laptop!
Chodesh tov, everyone - a good month - & Jewish ladies out there, don't forget to take today & tomorrow off!

[Addendum = Explanation of Hamsa Segulah:
The hand (a trace of my own, broken & disabled hand) represents agency & protection.
At the tips of the fingers (right to left), Alef, Reysh, Gimel, Mem, Nun:
The Alef is for Uri'el, "G@d is my light".
The Reysh is for Rafa'el, "G@d is my healer".
The Gimel is for Gavri'el, "G@d is my strength".
The Mem is for Mikha'el, "who is like G@d".
The Nun is for Neri'el, "G@d is my candle/soul".
These names spell "Argaman", the "royal purple" commanded by Ha-Shem to use in the Mishkan/Tabernacle & the Miqdash/Temple.
Inside the fingers (right to left) classifications of angels:
Chayyot = living forces
Qedoshim = holy ones
Ofanim = wheels (think Yehezkel/Ezekiel & his visions)
Keruvim = out-reaching; the angels atop the cover for the Aron Qodesh/Holy Ark
Serafim = ones who burn without being consumed
Arching over the top of the palm:
"Parnasah mey-kesef tahor" = financial support from money earned in a kosher & permissable way
Filling the inside of the palm:
Dalet = gematria is 4, signifying the 4-letter name of G@d
Dalet Mem = Dam is blood, signifying health, vitality, energy, life, the shani (Royal Scarlet) of the Mishkan & Miqdash
Dalet Mem Mem = Damam means to be at rest, clear
Dalet Mem Mem Hey = Demamah is calm, still, peaceful]

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Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

So glad Mum is doing better! And I love this segulah!

3:13 a.m.  
Blogger Soferet said...

Yeah, me too, Regina. It's so difficult when a parent is ill.
Love the Segulah? GREAT!
I forgot to write an explanation of it in the post (which I usually do), so I'll get to that later...IY"H.

11:04 a.m.  

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